Online Hotel Booking and Reservation System

ClickStay™ – Online Hotel Booking System

The ClickStay™ Online Booking and Reservations System for Hotels, Guesthouses and Self-serviced accommodation, offers you the ability to manage accommodation, rates and availability via an easy-to-use tool. You can even allow your customers to pay online and receive an instant booking confirmation.

You can easily configure rate structures based around accommodation type, days-of-week, dates, occupancy levels and packages. Customisable packages can be set up to include benefits such as an evening meal, spa treatment or free entry to a local event. Accommodation availability is managed in real-time, meaning both online and offline reservations can be managed simultaneously.

Typically, third party booking systems offer no opportunity to utilise the valuable information captured during the reservation process. With ClickStay™, the reservation and customer relations features are integrated to enable customer information to be utilised. Customers can register and become a member of your website, manage their account, review their reservation history and subscribe to mail shots including newsletters and updates. Staff can use customer information for managing reservations, distributing marketing information, mailing newsletters and offering discounts to loyal customers.

By using ClickStay™, you are supported in enhancing customer relations and improving service, further developing brand and customer loyalty.

ClickStay™ is part of a suite of products by Click Innovate. As a result, our clients have the option to combine a mix of functionality from various products in the suite to produce a solution which complements their business strategy and extends their online presence.

The ClickStay™ architecture facilitates the development of bespoke modules which can be easily integrated into the solution. This means we are able to offer our clients the feature-rich ClickStay™ solution with custom-built modules which meet specific business needs.

ClickStay™ utilises the very latest Microsoft technologies to deliver the most reliable solution available to clients. ClickStay™ is developed on the Microsoft .Net framework and uses the secure and resilient Microsoft SQL database platform for data storage.

Key Features

  • Easily configure rates around accommodation type, days-of-week, dates, occupancy levels and packages.
  • Manage multiple properties.
  • Manage reservations, customer relations, marketing and brand.
  • Offer discounts, packages and extras to attract customers.
  • Invite customers to become ‘members’. Accessing member benefits, special offers and tailored website content.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell rates, packages and extras, offering optional ‘alternative rates’.


Key Benefits

  • Combine customer information and website content to improve the browsing experience.
  • Configurable to support and property structure.
  • A web-based interface means key tasks can be managed from any location.
  • Rapid ROI by utilising cross-sell and up-selling extras.
  • Complement company brand by presenting a consistent website design and theme.
  • Drive accurate marketing campaigns using data captured during the reservation process.